We are currently not allowed to organize a physical meeting with external visitors at Amsterdam UMC. Therefore ImmunoMetNet 2020 will be entirely online. Still, we will make it as interesting and interactive as possible.


9:00 CEST | Session 1

Niels Riksen | Radboudumc, Nijmegen
Immunometabolism in cardiovascular disease

Marianne Boes | UMC Utrecht
Immunometabolic control of invariant NKT cells

Ivan Ramirez Moral | Tom van der Poll lab, Amsterdam UMC
mTOR driven glycolysis governs induction of innate immune responses by bronchial epithelial cells exposed to the bacterial component flagellin

Thiago Patente | Bart Everts lab, LUMC
AMPK signaling is required for intestinal CD103+ dendritic cells to drive tolerogenic responses

More speakers to be confirmed

10:30 – 11:00 – Meet the speaker (virtual) coffee break

11:00 CEST | Session 2

Geert Wiegertjes | Wageningen University & Research       
Revealing a striking conservation of macrophage polarization in fish

Paul Coffer | UMC Utrecht       
A metabolism-epigenome axis controls early events in CD4+ T cell activation

Begoña Porteiro | Stan van de Graaf lab, Amsterdam UMC        
Inhibition of hepatic bile acid uptake lowers obesity-related steatosis, stimulates biliary cholesterol excretion and dampens inflammation and plasma (LDL) cholesterol

Patrick van der Zande | Bruno Guigas lab, Leiden University Medical Center (LUMC)
LKB1 signaling in Dendritic Cells limits hepatic Th17 priming and controls whole-body metabolic homeostasis

12:30 – 14:00 – Meet the speaker (virtual) lunch

14:00 CEST | International Keynote talk

Maxim Artyomov | Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis (WUSTL, USA)

Itaconate – major metabolic commitment versus minor phenotypes

Activated macrophages accumulate itaconate in very large concentrations. Yet, the degree of immunoregulation observed in Irg1-deficient macrophages is very small (e.g. ~10-20% increase in Il1b secretion). In this presentation, Maxim will describe a major “black-and-white” phenotype in macrophages associated with the deficiency in endogenous itaconate, which reveals its physiological importance.

15:00 CEST | Sponsor Tech sessions

15:00 – Agilent session

David Ferrick | Advances and trends enabling the growth of immune-based cancer research and therapeutics

Seahorse workshop

16:00 – Biolog session

16:15 – Sartorius session

16:30 – Meet the sponsors (virtual) drinks