We are finally allowed to organize physical meetings again. Therefore ImmunoMetNet 2022 is in-person only again like our very first edition.

WEDNESDAY MAY 11th, 2022 – AMSTERDAM UMC – VU NU building hall 3

9.00 | Registration & coffee

9:30 | Session I – Immunometabolism in tissue

chair: Jan Van den Bossche, Amsterdam UMC

KEYNOTE – David Sancho | CNIC, Madrid, Spain
Oxidative phosphorylation orchestrating tissue macrophage homeostasis

Ron Heeren | Maastricht University
Imaging single-cell metabolic profiles: molecular imaging at work!

Short pitches (selected from submitted abstracts)

o Kyra de Goede, Amsterdam UMC
o Artemiy Kovynev, LUMC
o Frouwkje Politiek, Amsterdam UMC
o Hilal Sengul, Amsterdam UMC
o Helga Simon Molas, Amsterdam UMC

10:45 | Coffee

11:15 | Session II – Immune metabolic crosstalk in the tumor microenvironment

chair: Sandra van Vliet, Asmterdam UMC

Eric Eldering | Amsterdam UMC
Metabolic reprogramming and new therapeutic vulnerabilities in the CLL microenvironment

Arnon Kater | Amsterdam UMC
Mitochondrial stress and reduced glycolytic switch as the basis of impaired efficacy of T-cell based therapies in CLL?

Sander de Kivit | LUMC
The importance of TNFR2 and lactic acid for human thymus-derived Treg function

12:30 | Lunch

13:30 | Session III – Atherosclerosis meets immunometabolism

chair: Menno de Winther, Amsterdam UMC

Florian Kahles | Universitätsklinikum Aachen, Germany
Incretins – gut hormones at the crossroads of inflammation, metabolism and cardiovascular disease
Mandy van Leent | Mount Sinai, NY, USA (short presentation)
Prosaposin mediates inflammation in atherosclerosis
Karl Harber | Amsterdam UMC (short presentation)
IRG1-derived itaconate in control of macrophages and atherosclerosis
Marit Westerterp | UMCG
T cell cholesterol efflux suppresses apoptosis and senescence and increases atherosclerosis in middle-aged mice

14:45 | Coffee

15:15 | Session IV – Magnificent macrophage metabolism
Cesar Oyarce Diaz | Amsterdam UMC (short presentation)
Targeting macrophages metabolism to prevent EMT: clues to reduce cancer therapy resistance
Graham Heieis | LUMC (short presentation)
Macrophage residency and alternative activation is dependent on O-GlcNAcylation
KEYNOTE – Peter Murray | Max Planck Institute of Biochemistry, Martinsried, Germany
Immunologic anti-ferroptosis

16:30 | Drinks & bites

Thursday MAY 12th, 2022 – AMSTERDAM UMC O2 building pop-up room

9:00 – 12:00 – Agilent Seahorse workshop

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