An ImmunoMetabolism symposium building a Network between immunology and metabolism research and medicine.

The field of immunometabolism provides fascinating insights into the role of metabolic rewiring in regulating both innate and adaptive immune response. This “novel” mode of immune control can no longer be ignored.
With all exciting research being published in the last years, we started organizing an annual meeting in 2019, allowing experts from the immunometabolism and related research fields in and around the Netherlands to gather.

This event is aimed to share knowledge and improve collaborations that will maintain our position as global leaders in the future. 

Therefore, we invite you to the 2nd annual ImmunoMetNet symposium on November 13, 2020

Online access via Zoom 226 756 030 (code Immune2020).
Invited experts in the field will present their latest work and also selected junior researchers will get a chance to present their latest work.

Please contact us if you are PhD, postdoc or PI working on immunometabolism and wanting to share your recent research.

Make sure you register so we can send you all links for the different sessoins.

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