Annual meeting

May 28th, 2024

ImmunoMetNet annual (inter)national meeting at LUMC, Leiden



Session I: T cell and DC metabolism

09:30 Keynote: Luciana Berod (Mainz, Germany) – The role of fatty acid metabolism in dendritic cell function

10:00 Beatrice Fernandez Cortes Real (Amsterdam UMC) – Sodium perturbs Treg metabolism and function

10:15 Thiago Patente (LUMC) – Metabolic regulation of intestinal tolerogenic dendritic cells

10:30 Fenne Verheijen (Utrecht University) – Deciphering a tolerogenic diet; Is glutamate a key nutrient for tolerogenic dendritic cell functionality

10:45 Break

Session II: Immunometabolism in cardiometabolic disease

11:15 Kristiaan Wouters (Maastricht University) – Immunometabolism and the modulation of immune responses: A role for methylglyoxal?

11:40 Patrick van der Zande (WUR) – The immunometabolic consequences of weight cycling in mice

11:55 Katie Hanford (Amsterdam UMC) – Modulating Endothelial FAO to attenuate inflammation and atherogenesis

12:10 Marianne Boes (Utrecht University) – LDLr-mediated uptake of lipoproteins in T-cells: a novel co-stimulatory signal for activation and proliferation

12:35 Sponsor’s Pitch: Agilent/BioSPX

12:40 Lunch

Session III: Immunometabolism in cancer

13:30 Daniel Peeper (NKI) – Function-based genomics to combat immunotherapy resistance

13:55 Helga Simon Molas (Amsterdam UMC) – Identifying the metabolic basis of T cell dysfunction in chronic lymphocytic leukemia

14:10 Ziqin Tang (Prinses Maxima Center) – Glucose restriction improves CAR-T cell activity by reshaping mitochondrial glycolytic homeostasis

14:25 Iosifina Foskolou (Sanquin) – Breathless warriors: How T cells cope in low oxygenation

14:50 Break

Session IV: Immunometabolism in infection

15:20 Jorge Dominguez-Andres (Radboud UMC) – Time for a boost: metabolic modulation of vaccines

15:45 Nils Mulling (LUMC) – Metabolic reinvigoration of Cytomegalovirus-specific CD8+ T cells in kidney transplant recipients

16:00 Keynote: Christoph Hess (Basel, Switzerland) – Epstein Barr Virus – searching for a metabolic Achilles’ heel

16:30 Drinks


The ImmunoMetNet annual meeting of 2024 is organized in the Buruma lecture hall of building 3 at LUMC in Leiden.


Hippocratespad 21, 2333 ZD Leiden