AUMC series

Dear immunometabolism aficionados at Amsterdam UMC,

Based on the survey after the annual ImmunoMetNet symposium in May 2022, we believe the time is now for more regular ImmunoMetNet AMS symposia in Amsterdam. With the support of AGEM, we can kick off the ImmunoMetNet AUMC series!

What’s on the planning?

November 8th, Auditorium O2 building, 4-6pm, followed by drinks


– Han Jiao | Microglia in Time Restricted Feeding (Chun-Xia Yi lab, AGEM, AMC)

–  Jasper Sanders | Spatial transcriptomics identifies metabolic dysregulation as one of the main drivers of immune suppression in esophageal adenocarcinoma (Sarah Derks lab, CCA, VUmc)

–  Signe Mosegaard | Human inborn errors of long-chain fatty acid oxidation show impaired inflammatory responses to TLR4-ligand LPS (Laboratory Genetic Metabolic Diseases, ACS, AMC.)

You?!? Let us know if you want to present your immunometabolism-related work

6:00 pm : Drinks & snacks to fuel immunomet-networking

What’s needed from you?

  • Participation, enthusiasm and input
  • Spread the word!
  • Claim your slot to present via [email protected]

What can you expect?

  • Low-key interactive meetings with immunometabolism-focused presentations by “young” Amsterdam UMC researchers from distinct disciplines across at least 5 Amsterdam UMC research institutes
  • Every 2 months (aiming for every last Tuesday of even months from 4 till 6 pm)
  • Drinks and snacks to fuel ImmunoMet-Networking
  • Sharing expertise, tools and samples across Amsterdam UMC, with immunometabolism as the unifying factor.

Further information:

Past meetings:

  • February 28th, 2023 4-6pm; AMC, Vrijzaal
  1. Nienke Goedhart: Decreased mitochondrial metabolism as the driver of T-cell dysfunction in chronic lymphocytic leukemia (AII/CCA, Eric Eldering & Arnon Kater lab AMC)
  2. Rike Gorki: Sphingomyelins contribute to metaflammation by activation of macrophage TLR4 (ACS, Jan Van den Bossche lab, VUmc)
  3. Iosifina Foskolou: The two enantiomers of 2-hydroxyglutarate differentially regulate cytotoxic T cell function (AII, Sanquin)
  4. Frouwkje Politiek: title tbd (AGEM, Hans Waterham lab, AMC)
  5. Chiara Montironi: Leukemic cells suppress T cell function by inducing pseudohypoxia and autocrine purinergic signaling (CCA/AII, Arnon Kater & Eric Eldering lab, AMC) 
  • December 20th 4-6pm; auditorium of the VUmc O2 building:

 1st ImmunoMetNet AUMC symposium with 4x 30min presentations

  1. Felipe Correa-da-Silva: Microglia impairment: novel basis for hypothalamic dysfunction in Prader-Willi Syndrome (AGEM/Neuro; Chun-Xia Yi lab AMC)
  2. Helga Simon-Molas: T-cell fueling in chronic lymphocytic leukemia (AII/CCA, Eric Eldering & Arnon Kater lab AMC)
  3. Beatriz Marton Freire: Beta-2 Adrenergic Receptor Modulates Metabolic Reprogramming In Macrophages (ACS/AII, de Vries lab AMC)
  4. Esmée Hoen: Thyroid hormone transporters: What is their role in macrophage polarization (AGEM/ AII, AMC)
  • November 29th 4:00 pm; auditorium of the VUmc O2 building:

Kick-off ImmunoMetNet AMS symposia with welcome lecture by the initiator of ImmunoMetNet Jan Van den Bossche – Welcome to the wonderful world of immunometabolism (followed by drinks)